Digital Albums
Artist: Aaron Moore

The Accidental

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Tracklist & Samples

The Scars On Her Neck Bring Dreams To My Eyes listen
ON/GO listen
Three Guineas listen
Crayo listen
Euphony Is The Name Of A Telephone listen
The Letter Aa listen
How Outside Are We Today? listen


Hands raised immediately in a gesture of attention. The majority of these epic tracks were initially intended for an aborted collaboration with Oren Ambarchi and although that never happened the gently swaying dream tunnel of expansive tone clusters presented here is minimally beautiful in the same way as Ambarchi’s music. What we’re served with are seven pieces of mesmerizing soundscapes and drone haziness, which comes from bowed and beaten vibraphone, cymbal, chord organ, thumb piano and keyboard, mainly concentrating on one instrument per track. Most of the way this is as graceful as a ripple in fresh water, or as snowfall on a particularly cold January morning but be prepared for a few darker chain reactions along the way. As a whole The Accidental sounds like being stuck in front of some tone generator that sends out repetitious sound particles that create almost weightless gossamers of sound waves. It’s a serenely employed sonic topography of eroding blocks of droning tones, harmonic meditations, variations of certain colors of sound which all have one primary task, to transport you to a peripheral part of your mind. Highly recommended for fans of meditative bliss and/or headphones enlightenment the world over. Mats Gustafsson