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Artist: Waldteufel


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Telesma listen
Sanguis listen
Traumpfad listen
Kupferwut listen
Suryam Cakram listen
Andachtsjodler listen
Der Flamme Trabant listen


That cheeky little wood devil. It was weird enough when Markus first donned his Waldteufel hides in '95. After the sub-tribal thud of Crash Worship, such earthen tones seemed almost extra-terrestrial. 12 years on and he continues to crack open die Erde, and houses her escaping spirits and demons in lieder for the Vreaky Volk to sing. Sanguis is well named as it not only taps into the stuff this life's veiny floe, but also happens to be bloody brilliant. The opening psychedelics raise the standard, call the wild and deliver a definitive apocalyptic folk-you to genrefication. A droney accordion meditation sounds like some avant garde Wehrmacht era B-side, then followed on by a slow and sturmy Sitzkrieg of black metal. Markus's baritone rolls up a centre column of buzzing guitar flanks like a Panzer division pushing back some unseen musikal enemy. This bold and inventive advance is supported further on by sonic cannon rounds of rounds and canons firing ever thickening salvos of voice and sound, as if midwifing some impossible juxtaposition of an ersatz gothic Beach Boys and a Bier drunk Popol Vuh. Despite the technology and the occasional glints metallic, Sanguis sounds built of ancient marrow. Markus's vocals are a powerful root upon which girthy boughs of folklore expand Himmelward. German lyrics add to the poetry and provenance resulting in a sort of Neue Alte Deutsche Welle (NADW). Or, perhaps, Zauberkraut (Achtung Herr Kommisar: Zauber=magic. Alles Klar?). Whatever you prefer to call it, Waldtuefel is more delicious than Dunkels and will knock over anyone's Maginot line without chipping a hoof.