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Artist: Friday Group

Friday Group

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A group to end all weeks, indeed! From out of the Great Republic of Texas, and a new side project from Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Brian Smith (Iron Kite) rises a lone star called Friday Group. In a seemingly appropriate gesture, the opening scherzo of droney solo guitar twang blows dusty debris across the speakers, as if a small sand storm in a remote part of Amarillo. With wind wrestling loose gutters and flat chimes, the first movement is almost a weird paean to Ry Cooder's desolate Paris Texas score. Axe attacks hover thick and dragging in the hazy distance, strings sounding as if played a single wind at a time. Jittery, slithery, prepared warbled tremolos flutter warm in extended notes that drip like old paint. If you've never had the pleasure, the later addition of harmonium and the further devolution of the guitar into howling halos of rusty hinges is virtually the embodiment of a drive through western Texas. Slow motion, spacious landscapes of thirsty air and lazy lizards. Perhaps The Great Republic will rise again. In the mean time, Tom Carter's Friday Group will make mincemeat out of a month of Sundays.