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Artist: Volcano The Bear

All the Paint I Can Breathe

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Tracklist & Samples

Woman Rise Out de Sand,Wee, Star Studded Cast of Liars, Beach, beach, preach, leech, teach, Is filled with fruit?, guess the birds listen
tremolondo, mincing the beetle, mercury soup, cockroaches, go fetch the water antony, realistic tic tac men listen


Two mp3's that total 30 minutes. 'Nothin' like a good huff of paint to start the day right! & there's no one like VTB to augment your daily dose of Dutch Boy. This mini album presents some of VTB's very earliest recordings. The sessions seem to indicate that VTB enjoyed a particularly powerful vintage of Winsor-Newton cadmiums while recording. & for lack of VTB really repeating themselves, I can only paint an abstract portrait of the present opus. Their obsession with small sounds is in place & they already make for a crack improv ensemble, giving their pigment soaked inventions the kind of life that beckons many repeat listens. ATPICB is comprised in nearly equal parts of surrealist/dada sound sculptures & of minimal wave/prog canvases. Frequently sounding a bit like they are lurking in the rafters, I wish they'd come down & help paint my awful bathroom. The real beauty of VTB is their ability to be completely subtle & spacious & yet to also rock, after a fashion. No mere outtakes, this record is cogent & surprising & to be huffed as often as possible, except when operating heavy machinery.