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Artist: Volcano The Bear

Guess The Birds

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Urchins At The Harp listen Buy Song ($1)
Maureen Memorium listen Buy Song ($1)
There In The House Of The Moon listen Buy Song ($1)
Millipede for The Little Boy listen Buy Song ($1)
All The Painte I Can Breathe listen Buy Song ($1)
Volcano The Bear listen Buy Song ($1)


Another fantastic, phantasmal adventure into the indescribable. Like traversing the lands spewed up in Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain," where the surreal mates with the spiritual, but only in fleeting audio glimpses as you walk the thoroughfare from the bazaar to the bizarre. Vague musical passages wash with voices, natural sounds, tribal drums and even snoring. A patchwork sewn of subtle dadaist vignettes, worn like a toga on the set of Satyricon. Cinematic, odd and earthy, this may be the delta-blues of noise!