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Artist: Stimulus

Programme Music

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Spear listen Buy Song ($1)
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Initiate Commands (Live June 21, 01) listen Buy Song ($1)
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This shows two sides of this English project, the first being more rhythmic electronic music, though by no means faceless techno, while the second side features a 12 minute soundtrack type piece. The Wire recently wrote, and vol. 3 showcases the bleak electronica of stimulus's 'programme music' (mt023 10"), which sounds like torococo rot nodding out at the wheel.” Epiphany strikes in the strangest places. Sometimes it is delivered from on high and sometimes it wells up from the toilets. Like an inexplicable evening out with friends at a vapid local techno/house club, only to end up in the bathroom and find hidden magic (independant of the nefarious reasons for being there in the first place). The enclosed room acts as a filter and soon the hum of the flourescents and the click of the sink mix with echo and the distant beats, creating unexpected godhead experimental techno soundtrack soliloqueys for the substance abused psyche. If only to be able to record such beautiful random moments of brilliance. Well, Stimulus provide such an experience without the use of a bathroom or a vapid techno club. Strange little elctro-psychedelic minimalist beatscapes that are guaranteed to en-trance any room in the house or RV . The slow building hum of "Transference" is especially recommended while also listening to street traffic pour in through the bathroom window.
"STIMULUS Programme Music (US Beta-Lactam Lactamase 03/mt023 10") Current English electronicism by a group with whom I must plead non-familiarity. Although the production is as contemporary as all get out, the vibe of the more rhythmic work on the first side is akin to classic space prog motion, or even some of the more pleasant early releases on the Sky label. The second side spends its energy picking up one sand dune after another and transferring each slowly to the other side of the campus. As a porn soundtrack it has real possibilities, but it's not as distinctive as some of the other releases in this series.-Byron Coley-The Wire, Father Yod"