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Artist: Noise-maker's Fifes


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Another in a fine series of enigmatic environmental growls from sonic heroes NMF. Pinging a bit like the audio equivalent of random and drifting thoughts whilst on the subway to work, NMF have an uncanny way of stringing together the disparate sounds of urbanopolis into a surreal narrative. Distant fragments of music blow in and away like a wind which also carries with it incomprehensible voices. A choir of night birds chime at eachother over a faraway metallic ringing landscape. An accuracy of recording and a certain quietude are what make this such a brilliant piece which is not merely for the listening but also effective for mental transportation. I guess the crux of the matter is that "Muzook" is like a recorded memory. Several memories, actually, and ever changing ones at that. This also gains points for capturing my dog's attention. One thing the world needs right now is more music for dogs!

The Wire issue 220 June 2002:

Noise-Maker's Fifes are a Brussels based collective, whose work encompasses theatre and elaborate multimedia performances, as well as the cracked soundscapes they present on their Muzook 10" (Beta Lactam MT027 10"). Rumored videos of their work would provide a welcome study aid, but the group is quite worthy in pure audio terms. Combining natural and animal sounds with vaguely threatening sheets of aural pressure, and what appears to be the croup of homemade instruments, Noise-Maker's Fifes create an ambience akin to Noah's Ark flopping down into the midst of a late-night Blade Runner dystopia. Which is pretty cool no matter what they look like. (BC)