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BlRR MFG Mastering Services

A properly mastered audio master is essential prior to CD or Vinyl manufacturing process. Bottom line, have an experienced and objective ear take your mixes to the next level. A properly mastered CD or Vinyl (both are different mediums and require an experienced ear) will stand out. The fact is 99% of all mixes need final mastering. Audio mastering is one of the most important and final steps in the album making process... before heading to manufacturing. Give your project the best chance to stand up and stand out from the crowd by mastering your next album with our partner Helmet Room Studios.

No job is too small! Please contact chris at mfg (@) or please phone 503.893.9834 for questions or quotes.
If you manufacture your album with us we can offer you a package deal with mastering included.

Audio Mastering is the art/science of assembling individual songs into cohesive musical excellence and should be considered the final step in a recording project before going into manufacture. Mastering gives your music the means to compete in the world of commercially released material. We level the playing field by bringing your recordings to their fullest potential, whether you recorded it at home, or spent thousands of dollars at a studio. Mastering can be the difference between your project sounding like a demo and a "record."

One Song (under 8 minutes): $75.00
9 - 19 Minutes of material: $175.00
20 - 30 Minutes of material: $225.00
31 - 60 Minutes of material: $300.00
61 - 80 Minutes of material: $400.00
(Add 3 - 5 days to your project turnaround time)
Our audio mastering services include down-sample through vintage analog equipment, EQ, compression and other dynamics processing to optimize your recording to radio and commercial standards. We then burn your final CD layout into Red Book format ready for manufacturing. With close to 15 years experience in the industry, we are certain you will be pleased. If you are unhappy with the mastering work, you pay nothing and we will manufacture from your original supplied tracks.
Partial Gear List:
EQs: SSL, Pulteq, TC Electronic, IK Mutimedia Compression: SSL, Fairchild, TL-Audio, Kjaerhus Audio, Tubetech