So, you want to submit a demo to Beta-lactam Ring Records?

PLEASE read all of the following information and if you still want to send us a demo, the DEMO address is at the end. Please do not phone or email us asking if we received your demo - we listen to each demo but the time to contact each person is too much. A very important hint: spell the label name correctly. Any demo that arrives to us with the label name misspelled ends up either in the post office trash bin or in my car where it just sits in the trunk until we need a good traction device in the snow!

Is sending a demo really worth it? Yes! Some recent demos we received were from Orbit Service, george&caplin and Green Milk from the Planet Orange and we are now working with them.
Lastly, if you really are interested in having us work with you to produce some music, treat this like you are applying for a job. We invest our own money into each release and are only willing to work with artists if we think you are serious about your project. Please send us a demo kit described below and not a cdr surrounded by a piece of notebook paper with your email address poorly written on it.

In addition, we are currently only preferring demos from bands that can and will tour. If you think your music is more of a studio project and not really feasible for touring please do feel free to send a demo to us.

Send a demo kit with the following information:
1. Audio sample: CDR, DAT, vinyl, CD, or acetates (no cassette tapes or MP3ís!)

2. Brief bio of instruments played, musical background, bands involved with both past and present, tour experience including future plans, ideas and goals and other ideas for a release. Touring/self promotion is a big plus! Any additonal information you feel is necessary please include that too.

3. Press clippings of anything centered around the project: music, tour dates, art exhibit, ect..

4. Contact Info: Names, address, phone, fax, email. (Sounds simple but we have received demos with no way to contact the band).

5. A photo of the band. B/W or color. You MUST include a photo of the band.

6. Extra attention to details will be noticed.

7. Send parcel to: Beta-lactam Ring Att: DEMO POB 242444, Portland, OR 97242 USA

8. Please do not phone or email us asking if we received your demo. We will contact you. Okay, so please follow steps 1-6 then do step 7. If you do step 8, that is bad, very bad and you are likely to speak to a cranky small business/independent label owner. All demo material presented to us will not be returned.

Thanks and all best to you, chris
Owner, worker ant, record pimp.
Beta-lactam Ring Records